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Pilar López Cupeiro

    Multidisciplinary plastic artist, graduated in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Pontevedra, Interior Designer, Technician in molds and ceramic molds, painter, sculptor and designer in lighting. By working in different artistic disciplines, a field of works is opened that feed back or merge, achieving original results.           

    The workplace is located in the heart of the Terras do Miño Biosphere Reserve, in the Terra Chá region, very conducive to inspiration and creation. Two predominant influences can be seen in her work: that of the natural environment and a social influence related to the world of women.         

     Each work is a new challenge for being different in its concept. Volume, color, light, meaning, ... are present in Pilar's work in a constant search for emotion and creation. The attraction to light makes it develop objects that play with lighting, modeling it and stimulating sensations for different spaces.            

    Light influences our lives physically and emotionally, at dawn we wake up, at dusk we fall asleep. The different intensity and color temperature of the light activates or reassures us, all this mixed with illustrations that dialogue with us creates emotions that trap us in the artistic light boxes that Pilar draws. It is a work from the feeling, the sensations, the passions,... empowering the humanity of the people.            

    Painting, sculpture, interior designs, creative lighting,... coexist and flow from this studio-studio to be enjoyed.



To contact Pilar Cupeiro an easy, direct and effective , you can head e-mail to art@pilarcupeiro.com  or call at +34 982 520 296

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Pilar Cupeiro is a company whose registered office address in Modia, nº10 Villapene, Cospeito, Lugo.